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Our voice assistant connects seamlessly with your ELN's to automate data collection, optimize experimental workflows and enhance data integrity of your lab.

Available for iOS and Android

Unravel the hidden costs of your lab

Lack of lab digitization is a major challenge for many scientific labs around the world, and it is proven to drain your lab man power, financial resources and can heavily hinder your innovation from getting to the market.  We are here to complete the circle.  We don't replace your ELN or LIMS systems. Instead, we bring our voice technology to your existing lab systems for better accessibilty and hands-free interactions from the lab, to ensure your transition into a fully digital lab.

Science-specific speech recognition

Elementa transcribes voice-recorded notes and scientific vocabulary with 97% accuracy, enhancing the quality of your data collection by 40%.

Run an efficient lab

Elementa's digital, voice-powered documentation solution increases your lab research productivity by 20% and saves up to 30% of your time spent on the documentation process.

User-friendly interface

Elementa's highly-intuitive voice designs make it straightforward and easy for your lab researchers to document directly from the bench to your ELN systems.

Safely own your data

All your data is processed with end-to-end encryption and integrated with your LIMS and ELN system without being stored or shared with anyone else.

Reduce your lab costs

Using Elementa can enhance your data tracabilty and audit trails, saving you up to $5000 per month for every scientist working in your lab.

Available in multiple

Elementa understands and speaks in English, Spanish and French. Support for German coming soon.

Stay ahead of the market

Imagine hiring a personal asisstant for every scientist in your lab.

More Science, less admin work. Save up to 30% time spent on documentation.

Eliminate side tasks, less distractions. Notice a 20% increase in productivity.

By assisting scientists throughout their experimental workflows & minimizing errors, get up to 35% higher reproducible experiments.

Run an efficient lab, innovate faster

Build your data-driven lab with Ascenscia.

By letting scientists capture every detail directly from the bench to the database, make use of 40% richer and more accurate data.

Cut unnecesary costs. Run your lab smarter by minimizing errors and more efficient inventory management.

Automatically generate audit trails of experiments that give you insight on the experimental workflows.

Made by scientists for scientists

Built with your concerns in mind, for the highest data safety and accuracy.

Own your data. All your data is processed with end-to-end encryption and integrated with your LIMS and ELN system without being stored or shared with anyone else.

We built highly accurate machine learning models that understand scientific vocabulary with up to 97% accuracy.

Ascenscia understands and speaks in English, Spanish, French and German, with support for 2 new languages coming soon.


Leveraging world class AI, we made an application that allows users to interact and document experiments with the power of voice. Just put in your earpods and start experiencing the lab of the future.

Protocol narration

Navigate your protocol at your own pace. Every step is narrated to you.


Make notes with your voice, that are automatically transcribed with the highest accuracy of the market.


Find samples, simply by asking where they are. Ascenscia can connect with the inventory to find information on samples.


Connect to your preferred cloud storage and sync data back and forth.


We know that there are more tasks to do in the lab. That is why we created extra features that will make working in the lab a breeze.


With Ascenscia, looking at the clock is not necessary anymore. You can set timers by voice, ask how much time is left and get notified when they finish.

Picture notes

A photo says more than a 1000 words sometimes. With Ascenscia you can easily add pictures to your notes.


Get a full timeline of what you did when during an experiment. Retrace your steps easily.

Step notes

Some notes are only useful when seeing them in context of a certain step in your protocol. Just ask Ascenscia to take a note for a step to connect them.


Our list with connections grows every day.


Reliable and flexible digital lab solutions to elevate your life science research.


Integrated inventory and research data, for better research at your institution.


The intelligent way
to record your findings.


The smart way to connect your lab devices.

Google Drive

Does your lab not have an Electronic Lab Notebook? No problem, we
integrate with Google Drive as well.

More coming soon

Do you own an Electronic Lab Notebook, or have a suggestion for a new connection? Send us an email!

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