Let’s make your lab paperless.

Transitioning to lab digitization is challenging but essential to stay competitive in a fast-paced market. We support your scientific labs in finding the right digital solutions, and with our voice technology we create a quicker and more resource-efficient transition.

Find your ELN

Tap to our vibrant eco-system of various Lab data management providers. We will guide you to the best solution that fits your lab’s workflows.

Quick transition

Thanks to our user-friendly voice interface, which helps your scientists to adopt new ELN solutions faster. This helps you to transition faster without compromising your lab operations.

Stay ahead

In world driven-by data, lead your market by unlocking the full potential of your scientific research data. We help you to move faster and smarter.

Frequently asked questions

Will your app work in loud labs?

Is this new way of working difficult to learn?

Can we bring up improvements for the app?

Can more than one people use it in the lab?

Where does my data go?


What others say

Find out how Ascenscia helped lab researchers and management from academics to enterprise.

Ascenscia has enhanced our workflow, improved accuracy, and provided a level of convenience that we never knew we needed. I recommend Ascenscia to any laboratory looking to improve their operations.

Justin Chotoe

COO, Biotactical

I can go catch my meetings without worrying about transferring my notes or bothering to take my laptop around with me. Its amazing!

Joram Mooiweer


Thanks to Ascenscia, I can finally take my notes without interrupting my experiments.

Samuel Feldmann

Scientist, UMC Utrecht

After working for 2 years with Ascenscia, I am especially pleased with the flexibility and dedication they show to adapt their software to our specific needs, which goes far beyond usual customer care

Tim Meyer

Research Group Leader, UMG Göttingen

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