About us

We are driven by our purpose: to transform the drug discovery and research and experimental developmental process by improving documentation efficiency and cutting hidden costs.

Meet the team

Ahmed Khalil

Founder, CEO

Ahmed was motivated to transform the scientific lab after growing frustrated with the traditional and inefficient documentation process he experienced first-hand as a researcher in the drug discovery business. Ahmed brings unique and expert insights into the voice-activated lab industry, combining a background in research with his Masters in Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation and previous role in sales and business development in the international pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. He is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of digital documentation in the biomedical/pharmaceutical industries and endeavours to help scientific researchers to improve their doducmentation efficiency and drive down lab costs.

Lirry Pinter


Lirry has a Masters in Information Studies and Human Centered Media with broad knowledge of software development design and programming, specialising in UX/UI design, AI and coding. He is fascinated by how technology is reshaping our lives, and after his chance meeting with Ahmed at a friend's party, Lirry is now avid for discovering new ways digital tools can revolutionise the documentation experience for scientists in the lab. Lirry not only has experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C, and React and Machine Learning, he also brings a great sense of humour to the team

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