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May 7, 2024
1 min

Use-case for confocal microscopy

Dr. Smith, a molecular biology scientist at a pharmaceutical company. Her research is about discovering new drug targets on ovarian cancer cells. Part of her experimental procedures is performing confocal microscopy while wearing gloves. Typically, she needs to multitask between adjusting microscope settings, looking under the microscope and writing down her notes. The usual workflow when she makes these observations goes as follows:

Connect with a simple command

With Ascenscia, Dr. Smith is connected to her ELN with a simple voice command. She has her wireless earbuds connected to a phone, she activates Ascenscia and speaks out her observations directly while looking into the microscope. Ascenscia transcribes her notes accurately in a structured way. With one click, she sends her notes directly into her ELN, along with the date and time stamp.

Conduct research without interruptions

Dr. Smith can conduct her confocal microscopy without any interruptions, knowing that all her observations are captured accurately and stored safely. By the end of the day, she doesn’t need to spend additional time transferring her notes into the ELN. Instead, she has more time to retrieve and analyze her data, which are organized by experiment and date, to draw conclusions and move forward with her research.

About Ascenscia

Ascenscia is a voice assistant mobile application, tailored specifically for the needs of lab researchers. It integrates seamlessly with lab digital tools (ELNs/LIMS) to automate data collection and optimize workflows with simple voice commands. Scientists love using Ascenscia because they can automate tedious manual tasks, reduce errors and workload. All of this enables them to spend more time conducting high quality research.

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